WFN’s 17th Annual Meeting: Costa Rica 2023

WFN’s 17th Annual Meeting: Costa Rica 2023

For the 17th time in WFN’s history, as ever, WFN members spent 3 amazing days together. 

WFN Founder, Kelly Bunyan, was delighted with how amazing the event was, she stated, “Here is another great group photo for the WFN album. Sander from SILCO in the Netherlands is living his best life at the back there, arms fully extended!

You can see photographs from our event here.  

As our meeting in Croatia was in October 2022, some of us didn’t even have to wait a full year to hug and dance together once more. For others, this was our first time seeing each other face to face since 2019! And for others still, this was our very first time meeting in person. Whether WFN stalwarts or fresh new faces, happy reunions or brand new connections, we had a blast gathering as one big family, and cherished our time together in Costa Rica.

The spacious meeting room was a hive of activity, full of professional focus and diligence. The Gala Dinner had a new twist, in that I arranged for our members to play pool, table football and table tennis, alongside the usual euphoric dance floor! With Costa Rican dancers and a sensational saxophonist, we experienced another fabulous evening together. Some of our delegates even carried on partying in our hotel’s pool until 3am. Such stamina! Shots with dinner were popular at the farewell dinner – a true delicacy!

THANK YOU to every single person who committed to attending this event. Your support of the network, and your fellow partners, is to be commended. I look forward to seeing you again next year; we have less than a year to wait before we’ll be hugging each other again. 😊

Thank you to everybody for your wonderful feedback. A small selection is below, and you can read the rest in our next newsletter:

The 17th meeting for me and it never gets old for me. I have been fortunate enough to make life-long friends at WFN. Thanks to Kelly, Dee and Jess for their energy and time spent to make sure everyone was happy. This year was a challenge due to hotel issues, but regardless we endured and enjoyed another great meeting together. See you all in 2024 in Dubai.’ Tim Taylor, WWLP, USA

Planning, arranging, organising meetings is hard work. WFN Team went above and beyond to make this meeting a success. Thank you all.’ Marcin Tokarski, RGW Express, Poland

‘I am having a very good time with all of you. I’m really enjoying it! I always said it’s good to make business with people you know, but it’s better to make business with friends.’ Sergio Robles, Harbour International, Costa Rica

One of the most friendliest meetings ever. Great to meet old friends and make new friends.’ Freddie Tarnok, Flash Cargo, USA 

Text messages are great for quick, short messages. Email works great for rate requests, instructions etc, but relationships are created and grown face to face. The annual meetings are the best way to do that. It was fantastic to see everyone again. Sander Schols, Silco Worldwide, Netherlands

The meeting was a great experience with wonderful people from everywhere. Thank you for all.’ Carlos Diaz, Partners Logistics, Honduras

If you would like to join us at our next meeting please complete the WFN Application Form.

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