Please watch our Members explaining why they think you should join WFN. You can watch more video testimonials at the WFN YouTube Channel.

Watch the WFN Members en masse, filmed here at our 2015 annual member meeting in China, recommend you to join the WFN Family.

Watch a selection of WFN Members tell you how you can benefit from WFN Membership, and why you should join us.

Jackie from IE Distribution in Ireland has said that WFN, now giving her global reach, “is everything she had wanted and more.”

Brian from Customs Services Zimbabwe and Oliver from European Shipping Germany have cooperated long term with “a flawless working relationship.”

Long-standing members, Jacques and Nancy from Herfurth, Belgium, are getting a good volume through their WFN membership.

Albert of Vizion Logistics USA & Benjamin at Ranur in Brazil are close friends as well as business partners: “Attending the WFN meeting brought us together.”

Kshitiz and Shree of Himalayan Cargo in Nepal share how WFN gives them a sense of safety: they are increasing their business and always paid on time.

Oscar at Seajet in China confirms that even with more than one member per country, WFN members obtain good business within the network.

Watch a selection of WFN Members tell you how you can benefit from WFN Membership, and why you should join us.

"We needed to have reliable partners around the world to work with daily to attain new business.We were looking for the niche network of hungry partners like WWLP that had very good business and ethics to back them up. Ever since the first meeting in Bangkok 2005 we have worked with almost every partner in the network and have developed some very large business opportunities with many of the partners and we have tripled our business with the group every year since 2005. For the meetings, we pay one travel fee and visit with over 230 people from all around the world; the savings is tremendous. The business is working in both directions and because of the yearly meetings and the dedication of the WFN staff the group has grown to be WWLP’s most important business network and continues to breed more business opportunities and new partners every year. I can say that without the network and its partners WWLP would not be as prosperous and busy as we are."


Tim Taylor
Worldwide Logistic Partners

"As one of the founder WFN members, from India, I am proud. I feel fortunate to belong to a group where all members are on the same wavelength when it comes to understanding business. This helps to promote business with much better confidence and you feel financial security.

With passing time WFN partners' office have become like our own direct office in every city of the World. The best part of WFN is that member numbers strength is limited to allow business growth within existing members. Despite the size of India, Kelly limits her income so that we, the members can maximise ours - she permits just 3 members per country, except in USA and China.

I assure my future potential members that they will enjoy with us in WFN ride and our annual meeting is a like a Happy Wedding Scene in the family.You should really consider joining us."


Arvind Sharma
Swift Freight Moovers

"During many years I have been offered to take part of different associations and networks, but my perception was that it was not the time yet. Until by the end of 2009 my friend Rolando Alvarez – Upcargo Panama- told me about WFN. Since January 2010 we have belonged to WFN family and beyond business and new doors of opportunities that have been opened to us I have made new friends and have enjoyed the Conventions very much.

Talking about work strictly, today we have partners throughout the world that we didn’t have before joining. Now we are able to offer to our customers new services handled by professional people around the world, taking care of every shipment as their own. This is a win-win situation. All of the above plus the constant support of Kelly and all her team made our office in USA take part in this family too, so we are happy of that!"

Gabriel Taberna
Talwin Transport Service S.A

"What is WFN? So easy for me to reply because I am a founding member thanks to Kelly who give me a chance (18+ years ago) to join this adventure, despite my young age and experience. WFN is a great opportunity for us to show our skills and strengths and let our partners know what we could provide to them, amazing since I joined this network how much businesses is transacted and how thanks to this network TBI doesn’t stop to increase business. So I take this moment to thank once again for the remarkable network Kelly set up. I must affirm that WFN was not only for me a huge business opportunity, but above all some wonderful pleasant memories where I met a lot of good friends. I gained a lot of business with this network but it is true that I repeat always the same thing, the opportunity to share a good time with some really great friends during our beautiful meetings. When you are friend already you can easily find and promote brilliant ideas."

Mickaël Boura
Trans Business International

"We are very happy to have joined the WFN Group, where we had the chance of getting to know wonderful people all over the world. We have very professional partners at the WFN Group, well informed about the local problems in their countries, helping us to offer our customers accurate information to protect their shipments. We consider the WFN Network as a big family, where all of us support each other in business. The yearly meetings enhance the possibility of discussing business with other members, either with the ones we are already working with, or with new members willing to do new business. All members should invest in these meetings, as a tool for our business. We must say a big THANK YOU to Kelly, who has been the soul of our network."

Sónia Morais
ETE Logistica

"We are proud WFN members since January 2008 and we feel very comfortable with our choice to join this network. After a while, as expected, we saw our business within the network increase year after year. We can talk about a success-story.

Each year we were present at the Annual Meeting where we could introduce ourselves to our worldwide partners, get to know each other face-to-face without having to travel all over the globe. Many of them are also present each time, which gives a kind of continuity to the business relationship and even a true friendship with many of our partners over the world.

We are grateful to Kelly and her team for the nice job done so far in a philosophy of open relationship, honesty, professionalism and modern technology which makes World Freight Network really work! We're part of a family rather than just colleagues."

Jacques Schellekens
Herfurth Logistics