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Are you a small to medium sized business facing the challenge of competing with the larger forwarders?

WFN membership is the way forward if your company is to reach and thrive in the global market. For a small investment, you are purchasing an affordable multinational presence. With coverage in 102 countries, you’re instantly globally connected – increasing your ability to win business.

With a strong 20+ year history, World Freight Network is one of the world’s leading non-exclusive networks. You have nothing to lose, but plenty to gain, by investing in membership.

Are you struggling to find reliable partners, for long term business partnerships?

We have an impressive 97% renewal rate – our members make a long term investment in our network, building strong and lasting relationships. Members renew year after year because they are happy with the opportunity to exchange business and the level of service they are provided.  

We limit the number of members per country to 3 (except in China and USA), in order to maximise the income of our members. Believing in intimacy, we grant our members a veritable share of all available business by limiting competition in each country.  This is truly a winning formula, offering the flexibility of a non-exclusive network, whilst maintaining the familiarity of a more exclusive network. The best of both worlds in one, which genuinely generates business.

Are you looking to increase business, but already have international partners in place that you don't wish to change?

No problem! Experience has shown that a non-exclusive membership generates increased business for the entire network. Therefore, each company has an improved chance of finding a compatible company to work with and more business opportunities are created. Furthermore, you are not required to annul long-standing agency relationships in order to join.
We’re excited to be part of your company’s growth. Our members can’t wait to meet you – they look forward to welcoming you into our family with open arms. If you are ready to join the WFN family…