WFN Members Work on Large Range of Shipments

WFN Members Work on Large Range of Shipments

WFN Members keep teamwork and a proactive, energetic response at the forefront of their dealings together.

Here are some examples of the wide variety of business that members are exchanging:

  • LED Modules from Korea to Saudi Arabia
  • Quran books as diplomatic shipment from Saudi Arabia to Togo 
  • Batteries from Sri Lanka to Lebanon
  • PVC Sheets from China to UAE
  • Pasta from Italy to Hong Kong
  • Commercial Pizza Ovens from Italy to Canada
  • Tyres from Thailand to Mozambique
  • Agriculture equipment from Israel to Philippines
  • Tools for UNOPS from UK to Haiti
  • Cable processing machine from Hungary to Morocco
  • Enclosures from Saudi Arabia to Romania
  • Lamborghini from UK to Saudi Arabia

Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: “It’s great to see the wide range of cargo our members are handling. The quality of our members’ service – from response time, to speedy rates, to special requests, to service, to updates – sets them apart and leads to great partnerships and increased business in the group. We are delighted to see our members’ efforts paying off with strong partnerships forming and new business being discussed, too.”

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