WFN Members Invite Strong Agents to Join The Network

WFN Members Invite Strong Agents to Join The Network

WFN members are always keen to endorse our network as a great choice for forwarders. We recently gathered in Costa Rica for the 17th Annual WFN Member Meeting. During the group photo shoot, WFN Managing Director Kelly took the opportunity to capture the moment on video and ask our members if they think other forwarders should join the WFN Family. Click on the image below to hear from our members:

WFN Managing Director Kelly states: “I’m delighted that our members are so vocal in their support of our network. We recruit top quality companies only: those who are professional, good payers and ready to contribute to the trusting, warm, family atmosphere. I invite all excellent forwarders to apply to WFN and see the benefits for yourself.”

Why not join us, and attend next year’s event? Please complete the WFN Application Form.

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