WFN Members Increase Mutual Business Prospects

WFN Members Increase Mutual Business Prospects

WFN Members are eager to invest time and energy into the network, to gain contacts, business and friendship.

WFN Operations Manager, Debbie Constantine, said: “Our members make the effort to get to know one another, connect over email and phone, and send requests regularly, which really pays off in the long run. Not only is business flourishing, strong bonds are forged. Many of our members are not just business partners but close friends.”

Here are some of the more recent enquiries that we have seen go out within the network:

  • Sodium Polyacrylate from Japan to Ireland
  • Personal effects including clothing and furniture from Singapore to Hungary
  • Machine parts from Japan to Canada
  • Accessories for batteries from Italy to the Netherlands
  • Prefabricated Houses – Disassembled Units from Malaysia to Mozambique
  • Dental prosthesis from Vietnam to France
  • Health care products from Hong Kong to Canada
  • 3D printers from Ireland to India
  • Screws from USA to Hungary
  • Air crafts and antiques from France to Guernsey Island

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