WFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

WFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

New business enquiries within WFN are sent frequently, with our top quality members handling a wide range of goods to and from various locations around the globe.

Here are some examples of the enquiries we have seen exchanged within the network recently:

> Engines from India to Ireland

> General cargo from Honduras to Indonesia

> Fragile cargo from Korea to Hungary

> Steel from China to Mozambique

> Pet food from Netherlands to Libya

> Forklift parts from Ireland to UAE

> Cord Reels from Saudi Arabia to Ireland

> Tailoring supplies from Japan to Jordan

Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: “Our members are top level forwarders with many years of experience in their fields, so even the more challenging shipments are handled smoothly. Our members can contact top quality agents swiftly, and be confident of their high level of professionalism and competence.”

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