WFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

WFN Members Enjoy Mutual Business Prospects

New business enquiries within WFN are sent frequently, with our top quality members handling a wide range of goods to and from various locations around the globe.

Here are some examples of the enquiries we have seen exchanged recently:

  • Solder paste from Hungary to Egypt
  • Machine parts from Bangladesh to Canada
  • Randolight Tubing (fibreglass material) from USA to Ireland
  • Electronic Appliances from Hong Kong to Malaysia
  • Vegetable oil from Malaysia to Jordan
  • Tiles from India to Jordan
  • Living Cattle from Colombia to USA
  • Raw Salted Hides from Brazil to Turkiye
  • Baby stick noodles from Malaysia to Hong Kong
  • PTI Paint Remover from USA to Hungary
  • Cable processing machine from Hungary to Mexico

Debbie Constantine, WFN Operations Manager, said: “We provide our members with the platform to contact top quality agents swiftly, and be confident of their high level of professionalism. This enables them to serve their customers to a high standard, make strong connections and develop repeat and mutual business.”

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