WFN Meeting Boosts Business Throughout Network

WFN Meeting Boosts Business Throughout Network

After another highly successful WFN meeting in Dubai in April, our members are seeing even more business enquiries sent within the group.

Here are some examples of the enquiries we have seen exchanged in the network recently:

> 120 hen eggs from Ireland to Hungary

> Mercedes from UK to Turkiye

> Pasteurizer Machine from Slovenia to Mexico

> Sanitary wear (non-hazardous) from UK to USA

> Sandwich bags with plastic lock from Japan to Sri Lanka

> Cigarettes from Thailand to Israel

> Reindeer food from Ireland to UAE

> Industrial equipment from Germany to Panama

> Mining equipment from Suriname to Canada

> Landrover from UK to Turkiye

Debbie Constantine, Group Operations Manager, said: “Our network is always super active, but there is certainly a boost after a meeting, as new partnerships have been formed in person and the follow up is starting. Once they’ve met face to face, our members have even more trust in one another and often new ideas for business they can develop together. It’s exciting to see this process!”

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