Movilpaq Levante Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Movilpaq Levante Celebrate 30th Anniversary

Movilpaq Levante, WFN members in Spain, have just celebrated their 30 year anniversary.

Movilpaq are an international transport company, and due to much hard work and dedication from the whole team they now have 3 decades of fruitful transit activity to celebrate.

Jordi Batlle, CEO of Movilpaq said, “From starting the business at a table in the agents’ college at Barcelona Airport to having offices in Valencia, Madrid, and Seville, the balance of these years is positive, no doubt. 

Behind this success, there’s been a lot of hard work and, above all, the involvement of every single person at Movilpaq.” 

Movilpaq cover all aspects of logistics, but over time they have become particularly strong in specific areas such as transporting hazardous chemicals, bulk foodstuffs by sea, and customs consulting.  

Movilpaq started out only doing air transportation until 1998 when they opened their maritime department. Currently, they are IATA and OEA (Customs Simplifications) agents. Currently, Movilpaq’s team of professionals consists of 24 people who operate from the company’s four offices in Valencia, Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona. 

When asked about the company’s history, the CEO recalls, “Two of the founding partners are still with us, and as I mentioned earlier, our first table was rented in the customs agents’ lounge at Barcelona Airport. Later, we moved to an office in the cargo terminal and then to the third sub-zone.

Outside of Barcelona, we first took the leap to Valencia, where we grew with the same policy, with Javier Vives as the delegate and later becoming a partner. Then came Madrid, with Paco Gómez who also became a partner, and finally we opened in Seville (two years ago) with Nacho Ramos.

The facilities are adapting to our needs and to modern times. The offices in Madrid-Barajas and Barcelona-El Prat are purely operational; while those in Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville have a strong commercial component.

In this increasingly global world, where shipping companies are now selling directly to our clients, we can only differentiate ourselves by providing a top-notch, first-class service. We must work hard to distance ourselves not only from our competitors but also from the shipping companies themselves. The future is about providing high-quality services, don’t doubt it.

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