Modern Shipping Experts in OOG and Project Shipments

Modern Shipping Experts in OOG and Project Shipments

Modern Shipping Agencies, WFN Members in Pakistan, recently shared their latest Project and OOG shipment with WFN Head Office.

Mr Shoukat Ali, Director at Modern Shipping Agencies said, “Modern Shipping Agencies has been a WFN Member in Pakistan since 2008, specialising in OOG and Project Cargo Handling, and we are happy to share our most recent air shipment from Pakistan.

Here you can see some photos from our recent chartered booking from Pakistan to Turkiye. This shipment was a huge volume, which was loaded on a complete chartered flight. The cargo is for all earthquake victims who are facing a lot of problems after the earthquake in Turkiye.

Our Team here at Modern Group are hard working and comply with all safety features, which are most important for everyone. Shipments are completed on-time and take-off according to schedule.

All members, if you have any shipment requirements, such as Containerize/OOG/Over Size/Break-Bulk or any Air Shipment to/from Pakistan, please feel free to contact us at any time.” 

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