Dragon Logistics in China Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary

Dragon Logistics in China Celebrate 25 Year Anniversary

Dragon Logistics Corp, WFN Members in China, have just celebrated their 25 Year Anniversary.

Becky Liang, AGM at Dragon Logistics, told us, “We are delighted to share with everyone at WFN that Dragon Logistics celebrated our 25 year anniversary in September!.

Please see a photo when our team gathered in Xiamen to celebrate this great milestone.”

Debbie Constantine, Group Operations Manager at WFN, said, “We would like to congratulate all at Dragon Logistics for reaching this wonderful 25 year anniversay. They have been WFN Members for 13 years, just over half of the company’s existence, and in this time have grown considerably. 

Dragon Logistics Corp is able to offer integral supply chain solutions to satisfy various needs for their clients. Offering their freight forwarding expertise, business can be exchanged in a professional manner where reliability and a great service can be assured.”


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