Aidan Recommends WFN As Smaller Family Network

Aidan Recommends WFN As Smaller Family Network

Aidan at Your Cargo Contact in the UK is a long-term WFN member, who has attended many of our events, as well as other network meetings. At this year’s meeting in UAE, Aidan told Kelly that in recent years he’s attended larger network meetings, but has now found himself drawn back to smaller, close knit events. Watch the full interview here to find out why:

As Aidan points out, if you want to do good business and get a return on your invest, a smaller network with less competition like WFN may be just what you’re looking for. He strongly recommends others to consider WFN, reminding you that “You don’t necessarily have to be part of the bigger networks, to make it work.” 

Kelly Bunyan, WFN Owner and Managing Director, said: “What Aidan says is very true. Getting lost in a sea of forwarders in a huge network isn’t for everyone. Our members are keen to work together and as we have a maximum number of members per country, each member gets to stand out, shine and succeed.”

To join us and develop your worldwide business in a close-knit group, please complete the WFN Application Form.

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