Dear WFN Members

I hope you’re well.


Please note that Heneways (USA) and Eumex Line (China) are no longer WFN members. We still have fantastic representation in both countries for all your enquiries. Please also note that STM (St Martin) are no longer WFN Members.


The following members have renewed their membership in the last month. Thank you for your continued support:

China, DCH Logistics Norway, R.G.R. Global Energy

China, Dragon Logistics Singapore, FTL Group

China, Vantage International Logistics Singapore, Shuttle Cargo Services

Czech Republic, Roth Cargo UAE, Globe Trekkers

Guinea, Elite Cargo USA, WWLP

Jordan, Jordanian Coast Cargo Vietnam, Cuchi Shipping

Kuwait, Alghanim Freight


We receive regular enquiries from forwarders asking to join our network. These are sometimes in our full countries where we have long waiting lists, but we have also heard recently from companies in China and Denmark. We will let you know if any of the enquirers are strong enough to join our elite group.


We’re always trying to fill the gaps in countries where we have limited or no representation. It’s an ongoing challenge that we relish, finding high quality forwarders to join us. We are using all kinds of different marketing approaches. For example, the below. Thank you, Mikael, for your kind words

These adverts are sent to our database of 100,000s of forwarders, sharing your company name widely across the industry. Please get in touch if you would like to be featured.


WFN is pleased to announce a new partnership with WiseTech Global, the technology company behind the world’s leading global logistics software, CargoWise.

This global partnership is a strategic initiative designed to strengthen the network and open up a range of benefits for WFN members, including access to exclusive cost-savings on the integrated software platform. CargoWise has fast become the industry standard solution for forwarders and logistics professionals, so this is great news for members and the network as a whole. In fact, many WFN members are already using CargoWise for their operations and we believe all members will experience vast improvements from the system. 

The range of modules available include freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, shipping, tracking, land transport, rate management, accounting, e-commerce, cross border compliance and more.

For more information or to see a demo, simply get in touch with Debbie or email You can also visit

CargoWise will be present at our annual meeting in Dubai. You will be able to book an appointment with them to discuss the software.


Debbie will be hosting another Zoom Social on Wednesday 29 November at 2pm GMT (UK Time). The recent Zoom calls have all been in the morning in the UK, as this was the timeslot the majority of people were attending. If you are in a later time zone, and so couldn’t attend the early calls, please join this call if you can. Details are below.

WFN Zoom Social

Wednesday 29th November

2pm GMT (UK Time)

Meeting ID: 865 7960 1654

Passcode: 313075

This is a great way to put some faces to names and chat together. Business has come out of these connections in the past, so we recommend attending. If you would like to join this informal chat, please mail Debbie.

WFN MEETING: UAE (14 – 16 APRIL 2024)

Of course, the best way to connect and do business with your fellow members is at our next meeting. The event will be held in Dubai, UAE, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, 14 – 16 April 2024.

Thank you to everybody who has signed up thus far. It is admirable that you are committed to strengthening your relationships with your fellow WFN members. 

Important: The ‘Early Bird’ delegate fee (£729) expires in just 2 weeks, on 30 November. If you are yet to make payment, please arrange now to secure the lower fee. 

If you missed Costa Rica, attendance is expected in Dubai, for the good health of the network and its members. Please sign up with Debbie, to join everyone.


As I know many of you like to plan well in advance, please note that the WFN meeting dates for our 2025 gathering will be 6 – 8 April 2025.  

Kind regards

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World Freight Network Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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