Dear WFN Members

I hope you’re well.


It’s come to our attention that one of our sister network IFN members, Quest Logistics Brazil, is approaching members in our group and still using the IFN logo. Please note that their membership was terminated due to owing a payment to a member, which they have still not settled. We do not recommend working with them. If you are ever unsure about a member, or sister network member, please mail us and we can advise on their status.


The following members have renewed their membership in the last month. Thank you for your continued support:

Australia, Diamond Freight Services Morocco, WM Transport

Australia, J R Global Logistics Oman, Muscat International Shipping

Bangladesh, Tower Freight Poland, RGW Express

China, Everokgroup International Forwarding Singapore, JS World Freight

China, Longsail Supply Chain South Africa, Caspian Freight

China, Shanghai Standard Logistics South Africa, Mouse Logistics

Colombia, Logimpex Cargo Spain, Movilpaq Levante

Egypt, AT Logistics Sweden, Cargo Sweden

Fiji, U.B. Freight UK, Yes 2 Ship

Finland, Backman-Trummer Venezuela, Clover Internacional

Kenya, Maris Logistics Vietnam, ANC Co

Lithuania, NUNNER Logistics Zimbabwe, Customs Services

Mexico, Soulistic Group


We receive regular enquiries from forwarders asking to join our network. These are sometimes in our full countries where we have long waiting lists, but we have also heard recently from companies in Ghana, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, Venezuela. We will let you know if any of the enquirers are strong enough to join our elite group.


I’m delighted to unveil our new WFN logo. As I mentioned last month, we are in the process of updating and redesigning our website, so it seemed a good time to give our logo a new look, too. I hope you like it as much as me and the team. As ever, we invite you to use the WFN logo in your email signatures and on your own websites, to show how globally connected you are. Please mail Debbie for the high-resolution version, for you to use in your marketing.


We’re always trying to fill the gaps in countries where we have limited or no representation. It’s an ongoing challenge that we relish, finding high quality forwarders to join us. We are using all kinds of different marketing approaches. For example, the image below:

Would you like to feature in one of our adverts with your testimonial? We will share your company name with 100,000s of forwarders in our database. Please get in touch if so.


We have also created a new video called ‘What is a Freight Forwarder?’ detailing your role, for anyone who is searching online to know more about freight and logistics, or looking for a forwarder. We will be making more videos in this way, to attract attention and drive traffic to our website, and to you, via our YouTube Channel.


Debbie will be hosting another Zoom Social next Wednesday 20th September. This is a good way to put names to faces, ahead of our meeting in April 2024. Business has come out of these connections in the past, as well as the opportunity to introduce your company. If you would like to join Debbie and some other members for this informal chat, please mail Details are below.

WFN Zoom Social

Wednesday 20th September

10am BST (UK Time)

Meeting ID: 837 9144 6915

Passcode: 920569

WFN MEETING: UAE (14 – 16 APRIL 2024)

Of course, the best way to connect and do business with your fellow members is at our next meeting. The event will be held in Dubai, UAE, at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek, 14 – 16 April 2024.

I’m delighted to see our delegate list has exceeded 160 delegates already. To those of you on the list, your commitment to the network, and to your fellow partners, is commendable.

If you’ve not yet signed up, please mail Debbie to be added. Our annual meetings are key to your success within the network. Please do note that if you missed Costa Rica, attendance is compulsory in Dubai. 


Debbie has recently been mailing and calling you, to ask for an update on your company services, certification and contact details. Please do check to make sure that we have all your information so your profile page shows your company in its best light. For example, we have added Temp Control | E-Commerce and ISO/Flexitank to the tick-able list of services on your profile pages, and the member list. You may also wish to add bank details, country-specific regulations, PDF presentations, links to your social media pages, etc. Please mail to make any updates or amendments.

Thank you in advance.

Kind regards

Group Managing Director
World Freight Network Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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