Dear WFN Members

I hope you are well.

I can’t wait to meet many of you at Hotel Croatia Cavtat in October. THANK YOU to everybody below for signing up and committing to pay

It’s not too late to sign up, and support our network. European members, in particular, we encourage you to attend as the travel distance is much shorter than most years. 

The WFN Meeting Manager system has been open since 1st August for paid delegates to book their 1-2-1 meetings with fellow members. So if you are yet to confirm and pay, please mail Debbie today to arrange.

I proposed recently that we run our 2023 meeting in June, in Costa Rica, then 2024 will be back in March. Uptake for Costa Rica in June 2023 has been low, with only 28 delegates so far. Those of you who have not committed, is the date the problem, or the location? If we were to hold our event in Thailand at the same time, would you attend there? Please answer today if you can, as I have to commit to a contract somewhere.

You are most welcome to mail us at Head Office to ask for an introduction to an agent in a specific country. If you have a request out of UK working hours, don’t forget that you have access to all members’ contact details 24/7 on the members’ website. Simply log in and click on ‘Contact Member’ at the top. On this page, you can search by country, company name, or freight type, view the latest member list and maps, and also see a reminder of the network mailing systems. 

We have been alerted more frequently in recent months to emails going unreceived. Often either the mail has gone to spam/junk mail, or one company’s server has blacklisted the other company. Even when mails have been sent and received without issue for years, this still seems to happen. In order to maintain good levels of communication, we recommend you call/WhatsApp your partner if you are waiting on a response, especially if it is urgent or time sensitive. Or please notify us, so we can email, phone and WhatsApp, to check the email has reached them.

As you know, we welcome your recommendations for new members. If you know of any strong agents who are looking for a network, please send us their details. For every recommendation who joins us within 1 month of you recommending them, we will deduct £100 from your next renewal invoice, as a thank you. Please note that if you recommend a company and they join months or years later, due to our sales team’s dedicated follow up, no deduction will be made.

Kind regards

Group Managing Director
World Freight Network Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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