Dear WFN Members

I hope you are well.

Sadly, banking fraud is increasingly common. Do not trust an email giving you new bank details; the emails may be from a hacker. Please ALWAYS check over the phone with your partner, before changing bank details. Once you make the payment, my stance is that you are liable for this payment. Although you are the victim of a crime, you must still arrange payment. Best to use caution every time there is any kind of doubt, rather than risk being exposed.

The meeting is fast approaching and we can’t wait to see you in person. If you are keen to strengthen the bond with your fellow partners and take full advantage of your network membership, join us at Hotel Croatia Cavtat. This is the perfect opportunity to meet fellow members (or reunite if you have already attended our events), network and socialise in person once more. 

I am delighted to see we have now reached 101 delegates. How the world has changed our expectations! After consistently hosting events with so many more of you, let’s hope more people will book on. Naturally, as time passes, the list will continue to grow as circumstances improve and uncertainty dissipates. However many attend, it is going to be a great experience. 

THANK YOU to everybody below for signing up and committing to pay. The WFN Meeting Manager system will be opening on Monday 1st August. Delegates who have paid the full fee by this date will be able to log in to their designated account and start to schedule their 1-2-1 meetings with fellow members.

As many of you are aware, we were booked and ready to go to Costa Rica for our 2020 meeting, before it had to be cancelled. I am keen to move our meetings back to their usual March timeslot, but also aware that with an event in October 2022, March 2023 will be too soon to run another meeting. I therefore propose to run our 2023 meeting in June, in Costa Rica, then 2024 will be back in March.

Will you join us? Please let Debbie know.

Many of our members use WhatsApp as a means of quick communication. We have a WFN WhatsApp Group where members share company news/shipments and are often requesting rates. We also include WhatsApp numbers on member profiles, and on a dedicated list in the WFN members’ site (see screenshot below). If you would like your WhatsApp number included in this list, and/or to be added to the group, please mail Debbie to arrange. 

Kind regards

Group Managing Director
World Freight Network Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

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