Dear WFN Members

I hope you’re well.


Our next event is fast approaching. We will be gathering in Costa Rica at the Wyndham San José Herradura Hotel & Convention Center, 18 – 20 June 2023. For those of us who met in Croatia in October, we’ll have had the chance to hug and party twice within less than a year, a real treat. 

Meeting fee: $799 (‘Early Bird’ fee has now expired)

THANK YOU to the 110+ delegates who are making meeting your fellow members a priority, it speaks volumes. If you missed Croatia, we’ve not seen you since 2019 or before. A hug is well overdue! If you’d like to be added to the list below, please mail Debbie to sign up. 


The WFN WhatsApp Group is a great place to chat, share news and well wishes, as well as business enquiries and requests. Do please note, however, that not all members are in the group (we only add people when they request to be added). Therefore, if you’re looking for assistance in a particular country and message in the group, you may not get a response. To spread the net wider, do check the WFN Member List (available at any time on the members’ website) or mail Debbie for assistance. If you’d like to be added to the WhatsApp Group, please mail Debbie with your mobile number.


Sadly, banking fraud is increasingly common. I send regular reminders to state: please do not trust an email giving you new bank details; the emails may be from a hacker. Some other signs that may indicate hacking:

> All other contacts will suddenly be removed from copy

> The email address you are receiving the mail from may have been slightly changed e.g. might have changed to  

> You may be asked to send payment by MoneyGram, as opposed to the usual bank transfer

> You may be asked to send Cryptocurrency

> You may be asked to send the payment to a different country, rather than the country the member is based in

All these things are red flags that something is not right. It is best to use caution every time there is any kind of doubt, rather than risk being exposed.

Please therefore ALWAYS check over the phone with your partner, before changing bank details. Once you make the payment, my stance is that you are liable for this payment. Although you are the victim of a crime, you must still arrange payment. 


We have some excellent promotional videos on our WFN YouTube Channel as well as many member testimonials. You may wish to share the video below with your clients, to show them how well connected you are with a quality network:

Kind regards

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