Dear WFN Members


I hope you’re having a great year so far. 

Our next online event is fast approaching; paid delegates are now opening their schedules and booking their appointments. Attending is strongly recommended, especially if you did not attend our online meetings last year to connect with your fellow members.

Meeting fee: £179 (‘Early Bird’ fee has now expired)

If you’d like to be added to the list below, please mail Debbie to sign up. THANK YOU to the 100 delegates who are making meeting your fellow members a priority, it speaks volumes.

I sent an email to you all on Friday, regarding a possible physical event this year. In case you missed it, here are the details again. As you know, times have changed very much since I hosted our last event in Indonesia in 2019. Committing to a hotel contract was a safe decision, knowing that I would get the numbers I needed to honour it. Now there is much more uncertainty for a whole host of reasons and after the financial scare I was subjected to in Costa Rica, I am not willing to put myself in such a position again.

All that said, I am prepared to try to run an event in 2022. Since I have left it very late to plan an event this year – I was monitoring world events before deciding – availability is limited.

There is availability 23 – 25 October in Croatia at Hotel Croatia Cavtat.  

I cannot commit to the usual contracts and secure the above date without knowing how interested you are in attending the event.

Therefore, unlike other years, I require your support in advance. Firstly, I will need a response this week (by 18 Feb). Please state one of the following:


I need a minimum of 75 delegates committing to this event to make this viable – for the suppliers’ sake and yours. After years of running decent sized events, I refuse to run an event for less than 75 people. If 75 people do not commit to this event, we will not run it this year and will wait until 2023. 

40 delegates have committed thus far. Let’s see if more will commit to make this happen. 

Please let Debbie know your response by Friday 18th, when I would have to sign contracts and make a financial commitment.

As you well know, the forwarding industry has been through massive upheaval in the last 2+ years. We are keen to learn more from you as to how forwarders are adapting and improving their approach in 2022 and beyond. Please click here to read a recent article on the subject published by Forwarder Magazine – please send us your thoughts, so we can share them with the network next month.

Please note that due to our bank’s sanctions list (RBS), we are not permitted to have members, or facilitate trade, in sanctioned countries. Please refrain from sending any requests for these countries within the network, our WhatsApp group included. Here is the current RBS sanctions list: Cuba, Iran, N. Korea, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine.

Kind regards

Group Managing Director
World Freight Network Ltd
20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

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